An eco-friendly lifestyle can also be a treat for your wallet as many of the methods you can use to go green can result in substantial cost savings. Check out these ways to help the environment and save money.

Energy-Efficient Boilers

According to the Energy Saving Trust, a new boiler can reduce energy bills by up to £240 (about $379.00) annually. They may offer you a grant to help with the cost of a new energy-efficient boiler.

Double glazing

Your windows can also be causing your house to lose heat. Double glazing throughout your home can save up to £100 (about $158.00) annually on your energy bills. Alternatively, make sure you draw your curtains behind radiators so that the windows are better insulated.


Simple draught-excluders can help to keep your home’s heat contained. This solution is low-tech and extremely cheap but can make a substantial difference to your energy costs.

Energy-Saving Electrical Goods

The more energy efficient the light bulbs, fridge and other electrical goods in your home, the less energy you use when they are running. Look for appliances that have a high rating on their European Union energy label as they will be the most energy-efficient.

Reduced Water Consumption

Installing a low-flow showerhead will reduce your water consumption and your water heating costs. Low flow showerheads can be bought for less than £20, and if you are on a metered water rate you can institute other water-saving measures such as putting a flush-saver in your toilet cistern and re-using any non-soapy washing up water in your garden.

Source: renewable-energy

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