As winter approaches the days are starting to get dark and cold in London, however the country’s first certified Passivhaus now provides a warm and energy-efficient haven for one lucky family. Created by London-based Bere:Architects, the Camden Passivhaus is a timber-framed 118 square meter two-bedroom residence that preserves the Earth’s resources while shaving up to 90% off its energy bills!

London’s first Passivehaus has a heavily insulated shell made from prefabricated European larch timber. The term Passivehaus refers to an advanced low-energy construction standard that ensures homes are cool in the summer, warm during the winter, and well ventilated with perfect air humidity levels. As a result, the energy-efficient home maintains a high level of indoor air quality while consuming much less energy than other south-facing terraced houses in the area.

The south and west-facing sides of the house feature triple-glazed windows that create bright, airy interior spaces. Retractable external venetian blinds with automatic solar controls adjust sun exposure while allowing the home to take advantage of cool breezes during hot summer days in the British capital. A highly efficient heat recovery ventilation system is up to ten times more efficient than standard systems, and the interior features non-toxic materials to maintain exceptional air quality.

Water for drinking and bathing gets filtered before it reaches the taps, and an external solar thermal panel provides hot water for the home. The house’s lush outdoor spaces foster biodiversity, while a hidden rainwater-harvesting tank under the garden provides enough water for the sweet wildflower meadow, green roof and ivy-covered stone walls.

Want to find out more about what makes a Passivehaus? You can start at Passipedia, or you can spend 130 Euro to purchase a software program called ‘The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP)’,, which is the service that Bere:Architects used to design this London pad.

Source: inhabitat

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