Nokia Tests Solar Power For Cell Phones

Finnish cell phone giant Nokia is on a mission to find out how to apply solar power technology to cell phone technology. The company started a project in June called Nokia Solar Charging Project which is coming to its conclusion at the end of September. It sent a group of people on the road so they could see how solar charging would work in different scenarios.

They have been sailing across the Baltic Sea, camping in a Swedish forest and exploring Kenya in Africa to make the experiment as broad as possible.

The testers are using specially created mobile phones prototypes which the company has nicknamed Lokki. These are especially developed small solar charging panels that were integrated to Nokia C1-02 devices. Meanwhile, a data logger will report the harvested solar energy.

Check out their blog to read reports of the experiment and further insights into this instigating experiment. Nokia is on the right path to develop solar power for mobile communications and hopefully this experiment will produce applicable results.

Source: cleantechies

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