5 Green energy generating systems to power the planet without emissions

The world is going green and the technology developed these days is mainly focused on protecting environment and natural resources by using renewable energy resources. These energy resources are proving to be better alternative to fossil fuels and other kind of energy resources that pollutes and damages environment. These renewable energy resources can be sun that gives sunlight, wind, tides etc.

The existence and development of this renewable technology have provided a ray of hope to the normal people in the world who look for a clean and greener world. It’s all up to the citizens and government that can help in spreading this green electricity generation technology.

1. Solar Energy Generating Systems


Solar Energy Generating SystemsSolar Energy Generating Systems

Solar Energy Generating Systems (SEGS) is said to be one of the largest energy producing source in the world. These are mainly concentrated in United States and have nine such plants in Mojave Desert of California. The plants installed at various places have a total capacity of 354 MW which makes it the largest solar plant in the world. The technology behind the concept is parabolic trough solar thermal technology that generates power. The parabolic mirrors provide a 94% reflection when sunlight is incident on them. This sunlight is bounced off the mirrors and is made to travel toward a central tube which provides a temperature of over 400°C. This heat boils the water and drives the steam turbine, thereby generating electricity.

2. WaveSurfer Technology


WaveSurfer TechnologyWaveSurfer Technology

The wave energy is one of the largest energy producing sources in the world. This energy is believed to provide almost 20 times more energy per square meter than any other source of producing energy. This source of energy is complete ecofriendly and a zero-emission energy source. WaveSurfer technology is made in use these days to obtain the most of energy from the waves. The parts of the WaveSurfer are completely submerged at depth between 8 m and 25 m. This technology unlike others is very cheap and ecofriendly. It requires very minimum installation cost and does not contain complex products. It also helps in saving carbon emission and thus protects the environment.

3. Pedal Power


Pedal PowerPedal Power

Pedal power is one of the easiest ways of producing energy at home. Yes you heard it right, now you can produce electrical energy at home by doing some mechanical work. It basically contains a foot pedal and crank system that are used to transfer the human energy to other energy forms. Mainly used for transportation, this technology is now being used to produce energy. The technology is implemented in various forms across the world. Some of them are pedal powered laptops, pedal powered grinders, Dynapods, bike, and bicycle.

4. Wind turbine


Wind turbineWind turbine

Wind Energy is another source of energy widely used to generate power. To generate the power from wind a device called “Wind Turbine” is used. These turbines convert the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy by performing various operations. These Wind turbines can be used for small purposes like battery charging or for commercial electric power production by connecting arrays of such turbines. The wind turbines are of two types; one is horizontal axis which is widely used across world and the other is vertical axis turbine which is rarely used for its low energy production capacity. The wind energy is converted into mechanical energy by using a rotor which is connected to the blades of turbines. When the blades rotate the rotor also rotates and since the rotor is coupled with generator, it produces electricity.

5. Piezo Electric Power Generation on Road


Piezo Electric Power Generation on RoadPiezo Electric Power Generation on Road

This technology works on the principle that when a piezoelectric material is given a mechanical stress there is a flow of current and voltage difference is created across the piezoelectric material. This principle is widely used at most of the places to generate power for domestic or industrial use. According to the concept, the roads are integrated with piezoelectric material and when vehicles move over it providing a mechanical stress on the road, energy is produced.

Source: ecofriend

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