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Furniture and renewable energy are two distinct entities with absolutely no possible link to each other. While renewable energy strives to generate power from nature by using special framework, furniture is an aesthetic, functional utility that finds its place in almost all human inhabited environments. Industrial designers have now come up with several combinations of these two entities to create energy generating furniture, that still looks artistic and also serves an additional function.

Need for change

Ingenuity, curiosity and creativity are innate human characteristics. However, humans are capable of being shocked into an inactive or a slow-to-act state, when faced with survival issues, or they may choose to completely overlook problems, in the hope that they would simply fade away with time. The energy crisis of the modern world is one such problem that we have chosen to take easy. The new range of energy generating furniture, in fact, is an example of how our creative human nature can be harnessed to produce environmentally friendly, aesthetic, functional furniture that also serve as a source of energy.

What’s next?

1. SOLo Lounge Table

SOLo Lounge TableSOLo Lounge Table by Intelligent Forms

What’s new

This piece of furniture from Intelligent Forms has been crafted using a stainless steel frame and a table top made from tempered glass. The SOLo Lounge Table is an artistic outdoor table fitted with a solar panel that is capable of powering a range of electronic devices, including the LEDs that have been embedded within the table frame. The table is lit by a warm glow, when the LEDs come alive during the night when the unit is placed outdoors. It can also form a part of your regular indoor furniture because of its sophisticated look and feel. The table is capable of generating about 17KWh of eco friendly power annually, using the silicon-based solar cells that are sandwiched between the panels of the tempered glass table top. It has several other features including a lighter, 3 pronged electricity points to charge gadgets, and a USB.

What difference will it make

With a sleek, technological and modern design, the SOLo brings with it enough power to light up your evening with over 16 million color LED display, built-in speakers, audio-in jack to let the music flow, apart from allowing you to charge electronic gadgets and use a laptop while you relax outdoors. It is also based on the wireless Bluetooth technology, allowing you a smooth internet connectivity.

2. Black Rocking Chair generates renewable energy

The Black Rocking ChairRyan Klinger as its designer stunningly converts the rocking movement into electric power.

What’s new

Sitting ducks? – Well not anymore, here’s a black rocking chair that converts kinetic energy, the rocking movement of the chair in this case, to renewable energy. Designed by Ryan Klinger, the Empower chair has been created while keeping public seating arrangements in mind, especially when you wait it out in airports, shopping malls etc. You will be generating enough power to recharge your laptop or mobile phone by simply sitting on the glossy black, strong chair; rocking as you tune in to your favorite music or read or even catch up with some serious work.

What difference will it make

The concept of converting kinetic energy to electrical power can become an efficient method of power generation, considering the waiting time at public places and the simple rocking motion required for the process. The chair itself will be created using recyclable materials and also be flat-packed so that it can be easily shipped. The power generated from the chair will be made available through regular outlets and USB for further use. You will be able to travel light, minus chargers, wires etc., and still power and use your electronic devices in an eco friendly manner.

3. GO! multifunctional furniture harvests renewable energy

GO! multifunctional furnitureThe brainchild of Indonesian industrial designer Rizki Tarisa, the GO! is a lounge.

What’s new

The multifunctional device GO! combines the functionality of an exercise bike, a lounger and a workstation table to hold your gadgets. The furniture conceptualized by Rizki Tarisa, an industrial designer from Indonesia, has been crafted from recycled plastics and is painted using green paints that are biodegradable. The renewable power, in this case, is generated from the pedaling motion of the exercise bike fitted beneath the lounger, which serves to reduce body fat while also producing renewable energy. This product was figured in the Ideation Award 2010 event held as a part of the Malaysian International Fair.

What difference will it make

A multifunctional package comprising a table, an ergonomic lounge chair and an exercise bike, the GO! is based on technology similar to that used for generating power from wind and kinetic energy. The unit also comes fitted with LED lights to add to the cozy effect. It allows you to generate enough power for your gadgets even as you carry out your daily tasks.

4. Chaise Lounge that Doubles As Electricity Generator

Chaise LoungeThis Chaise lounge designed by Lithuanian designer Vlada Davydova.

What’s new

Vlada Davydova, a Lithuanian designer has conceived a creative and functional design of the Chaise Lounge. A simple three piece folding chair with each piece fitted with a solar panel generates sufficient power from sunlight to power electronic gadgets like a phone or laptop. As an outdoor furniture unit, the chair can also light up its surroundings when the sun goes down.

What difference will it make

Beach lovers and sun bathers can now use the Chaise Lounge to generate power while on the sea shore during the day, and use the electricity at night.

Source: ecofriend

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