Another nuclear disaster, another round of worldwide questioning about the viability of nuclear energy. No doubt that nuclear industry makes a point when they argue that, overall, they have a strong safety record… but, as we saw again at Fukushima, when things do go wrong, they go really wrong…

So, what’s the status of nuclear energy now that we’re wrestling with the repercussions of the disaster in Japan? And what does that mean for renewable sources of power like solar, wind, and biomass? These are simple questions with incredibly complex answers, no doubt… but we can glean some information from side-by-side comparisons about costs, energy production, and environmental impact.

Our friends at Wellhome have done just that with the following infographic, which explores the current state of nuclear power and renewable technologies… and even does that side-by-side of the many energy sources now available to us in varying degrees. Take a look at the information provided, and then go ahead and take a shot at the final question: Do you think that the world can be powered by wind, water, and sun alone?

Source: sustainablog

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