‘Awesome’ Facebook Launch Planned for Next Week

by Jennifer Moire

Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg told a handful of reporters yesterday at the  company’s Seattle office that the site was planning to “launch something awesome” next week. That’s leaving bloggers and reporters from the likes of Reuters scrambling to figure out what that “awesome” product is.

With the recent rumors that Facebook is preparing an application for the iPad and a specialized app for sharing photos on the iPhone, a mobile platform is the leading guess.

Helping to fuel the rumors is the site of Zuckerberg’s pronouncement — Facebook’s 40-person Seattle locale is dedicated to mobile design.

It seems like Facebook has a lot of new products up its sleeve.  At this week’s PromaxBDA conference, Andy Mitchell, senior vice president of strategic partner development at Facebook, teased media and marketing gurus alike with some thoughts on how the site can help broadcasters better leverage social media.

AdWeek reports that Facebook is developing a program guide based on what shows are trending among Facebook friends. Viewers can use platforms like Facebook to find content and connect with friends based on what they are watching.


Source: allfacebook

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